Saturday, June 5, 2010


... is the label for the oncoming KweakYear.

This was the message of last night when MIRROR 6 shifted into STORM 7.

Catalyzing medium to this was the wholly crew guided by The Mystery Queen and its aligned KINshippers.

here is the narrative :
i wondered about the kweakyear coming in 2010 / 2011 / 2012

after reading about Rembrandt’s significant KIN for the pivotal year 2012.

Having picked up last july 23, 2009 as KIN001 as the starting KIN for a KweakYear i was all the time fixed on a PSI-BAR of 3×24 hours for a crucial “communicating” difference with the DreamSpell Mapping.

I realized maself the PSI-BAR can be defined as a dynamic too. I sense this as an interesting subject to be experience in the next kweakyearcycle together with DreamSpell and LongCount that are in the basic of the idea to walk on enduring our life on this planet.

As we know the oncoming year is Red Moon 5 which will also be the KweakYear Label to address the KweakYearSpell. And we have a bar of ZERO aka 0. In 2011 we get Wizard6 which is in a group of 4 KIN having RED SKYwalker KIN253 -TONE 5 again- as the “initiating” SEAL :: a PSI-BAR of 1 KIN. In 2012 we get Storm7 – as spelled by TMQ in this daily narrative – as the 3rd SEAL in the group of 4 – DreamSpell Marker. By then we have a PSI-BAR of 2×24 hours and RED EARTH 5 ~ OVERtone is the “MASCULINE” namegiver.

Seeing this dynamic DEFINITION the 3 KIN in a group of 4 are the FEMININE spice and the RED one is always the MASCULINE one – the name-giver.

So there we have defined the 1 to 3 ratio which is so famous in the narrative of the story of “the 3 Musketeers” by Alexander Dumas. You have to mark the fact that those “THREE” in fact were “FOUR”. The 4th One is to be understood as “the one with the open mind” and -as i see this- the one coded by the stream s/he lives: intra/infra-connected to the fellow spices as “the other ones”.

infra-connected may be a term that signifies “our” KIN-shippers connection with one another. Do u copy that idea, KIN?

Mark by this difference with the Dreamspell that the Kweakspell hangs on a KIN of 5 in the oncoming 4 years, resp. MOON – SKYWALKER – EARTH – DRAGON. WE directly can identify RED SERPENT as the “occult RED SEAL” while it will not be a namegiver – it is the hidden Guiding FORCE.

Then it may also be interesting we have 4 oncoming OVERTONE years and that is parallel to the lately announced Kristal Music World , a new world standard on HARMONICS !!!

On the sequence of TONEs we may see the last 4 years where MAGNETIC coded in KWEAKSPELL – however that was not yet mediated while we are still learning to unmask our meant lifespell as individuals.

The alignment of TONEs in serials of 4 years will be:
1 5 9 13 4 8 12 3 7 11 2 6 10 1 5 … etc.

And the RED SEALS mark the KWEAKSPELL year as well they go with a PSI-BAR of 0 – 1 – 2 – 3. Meaning DreamSpell and Kweak go very “Linked In” next yearcycle.


after reviewing this "realization" i looked again to this marker:



"am i aligned to Pacal Votans Mission?" i wondered myself being coded as KIN022 - Bolon Ik aka White SOlar Wind in the Dreamspell Vision of Valum Votan and his Lovers?

"Y (K)not?"


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