Monday, December 31, 2012

Holy Daya Meander~ring


todaya we see how
december 22
january 1
are vibrating together affirmed in TreeKweakSpell
109 and 129
Moon tones 5 - radiant - and 12 - crystal -

what can we see from that perspective ..

in another perception
the 12 holy days are at there center praying

at first sight this gives the BALANCING POWER of newyearsday

while MOON in TreeKweak
goes further unto SandY StorM
on mystic SIRdaya - the SIRIUS attractor

special daya for kweak numbers 
1 - 3 - 20 13
gives daya NINE in the 12

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Radiant Moon Precession

we already passed the 2112 / 1221 date ..
mark hand in Dreamspell and Hand in TreeKweak
.. resp. 1st and 3rd column
( 314 sum signals PI ! )
314 minus 260 gives a Wizard 54, lunar tone of Skywalker

Me Andering
keep the orientation Active!

so the next 26000 years are
marked as a big wavespell on
Radiant Moon
kin 109 - Red Overtone Moon
in TreeKweak Fusall Humanoid Spell

Yellow Cosmic Star in DreamSpell (208)
Yellow Self Existing Dragon (161) in Tzolkin

Thursday, December 13, 2012

the Fourth Way

this kweak is uploading for the decisive kweak
that is
it is a kweak that pivots some special spices 
in human vocabulary


the mysterious 2211
uploading the

to be listened at
with all noo cells aboard

Pakal Votan

Bolon Ik ~ Kweakspelling

as a bivid biovoiding ?Time & Space & Number (measaures)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

the Third Way

Third kweak of 5th moon
always starts on the old'12/1 date indication

so december 11, the first one of the 6th moon starts ..
december 10
marks the center of 57 kin ..
where 28th day of 4th moon starts that serial
imagin that!
1 + 28 + 28 = 57 kin as a memory grid ..