Saturday, February 25, 2012

hawk moon ... leapkweak !!!

this kweak may be quiet & manifesting
what is happening on our beloved planet

124 plus null cannot be calculated, actually
simply while the null value is not numbered yet ...
so often we take the sun as its shape ...

which might be Omega or ZER0 as ZORRO
a masked lightworker
in elegant style
(we learn from telly)

are you prepared,
dear Fellow Kin

actually i received a nice painting that illustrates the pivotal moment ...

all dedicated to february 29 ...

2 as 2nd wave "IX" aka 'wizard'
9 as 9th tone "BOLON" aka 'nine'
((a cleaned all human gender perspective))

') gammaya is a sound dedicated to the 2nd chakra from above ...
the challenging one linked to tone LUNAR in Tzolkin Code

LUNAR tone is heavenly affirmed by MOON 1 - kin 209