Sunday, January 27, 2013

sir vice is always there

is number of service, spoken on the dynamic interval ..

but then
speaks from healing hand

Jane Goodall
has a wonderful name as label ..
for her works ...
she did a lot of Goodal for the Gorilla's
didn't she - the media mediate?

it makes us curious to expirience that from a survival trip
testing our instincts
good motive to save some for that trip

Jane brought me a wonderful insight

one can see the rainbow
in the drop of a tear


Bieke / Amos .. is gonna marry
wish her an open heart
although .. she is already very receptive ..
wish her a good passing
at weddingsdaya
with the Jacobi Family

( attent-qi likes it for the holistic pulsing massages ;-)
forgetting the mothers of invention (Frank Zappa)

i always was very impressed by
woman playing the cellist from the pelvis

(a pity that she talks between the noises of the sea; but then .. allah)
them 3 musceteers played with Lieselot in Zwolle, 2012

then ... sympli align to HAraMein
(see? the theater & align ..)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

challenging kweak for kin

this kweak starts with a new beginning

a kin type worldbridger

shows some herculion life force

spiced here by 161 as a treekweak serendipity ion

which shows dragon .. dragon fly high ..

234 is its dream sequence ; sum 9 - feminine

187 shows its human sense grown to a blow

tone 5 - overtone essence overtone ..


Dragon Tone 5 too

Tone 13 in Wind Wave on 234

Next day -moondaya- Eagle One

~ wis(h)dom breaker ~

euphoria really needs some understanding
while the understanding fuses is spread
(which is what it is all about, humanswise)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tommy Born

(this was the origin 7.1 kweak - but in depot)

After 13 Holy days from Tommy Born
into the Helios Cycle
the error in the 141 label for MonKey i.s.o. Dragon
is speaking from itself .. by now
(don't u think?)

The Noo Born Daya speaks after the igniting 13
Cosmic Night as the NooSphere cycle
5 + 13 daya from december 20 we counted
18 (9) daya

then notice the more precise seal for this nooborn daya
while each TreeKweak daya has 3x8 hours ..
it hides two kin, here 142 and 144 on the 1st daya

142 is the dawn and 144 the sunset ..

so we have 3 labels to greet TommY
 crystal wind
cosmic night
magnetic seed
according the TreeKweak Oracle Spell

which one fits your stand for a day
or all three in a weaving??

meandering settings .. and moods for a daya

SiXth SUN - dec 25 , 2012

( oops this one is late due to ... human failure? )

then this message came from down under

S'ace Galore

We definitely want the 9 Day week and 13 mo. for the Tahirih-Ayn Era calendar.

All praise be to those who first birthed its format…

We want it to start from the 25th of December 2012 when the Sixth Sun rose again above the horizon.

I worked on it yesterday. Here's the irrational part.

Aligning the Gregorian dates to our calendar (13th mo. 28th day) we came up with our calendar ending on the 17th of Dec.

So now we have sent the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd 23rd, 24th days of December to the Void or non existence (yet we have 364 + 1 days) and so does the Gregorian. Do you know how it is we lost those days?)

Where have they gone? The Solstice is in that period too. Will it always be Day?

I don't mind changing the world so much but it should work.

Till I hear from S'ace Guide – Big Hug – With love from the Spirit of the Tahirih-Ayn Era - J*

So .. very hopeful to hear the resonance ..

i didnot know what GALORE iz ..

[Irish Gaelic go leór,
enough : goadv. particle + leór,
(from Old Irish lour,
alteration of roar; see wr-o-in Indo-European roots).]

--> ENOUGH often reminds me to the French  Un OEUF ;-)