Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daya of Sun Experience!

On this resonant wind from rhythmic dragon, Dreamspellwise,
i discovered an irregular label on the Daya of Year Experience ...
that is it is irregular from the Daya of Moon Experience (13 a year, 52 each time cycle) .

In fact a yearcycle gives the experience from SUN energy considering the fact we as a planet go around the sun in about 365/366 days.

So in kweakserial as a waya of sensing the universe ...
we have

  • a mystery quark
  • the DoME as Daya of Moon Experience once each 28th daya as ZERO
  • the DoSE as Daya of Sun Experience once each 365th daya as ZERO
  • the DoTE as Daya of Time Experience once each 1461 daya as ZERO
1461 = 4x365 +1 (formerly leapday)

Then what can be the mystery quark ...

In this first draw i'ld saya it is the human collective mind spark from the unity effort

Monday, October 4, 2010

PI and number 9

About 11 months ago i saw a curious thing happening in the phenomenon PI
here is the article when i was in quite some state of mind to realize what is communicated

Today i am sort of thrown back into that FOCUS FOR PI and FOR WHAT IT COMMUNICATES BEYOND ALL THAT WHAT ILLUSTRATES ITSELF OUTSIDE of the human being ~ also a program that holds me myself & i as well as my eyes.

So again i saw this thing - this string - in the wild thing called PI: 4999999837
6 numbers 9 on a row!
And i saw the position of this string within the array of 49980 numeric characters arising distinct within the first 780.

How many 99999 (5') occurences arise (excluding the 6' one)?
just 1 ! On about position 20000/49980 , 40 % on our way through the whole array of about 50000

Only number 5 also has 2 5' occurences of 9'ers in the whole object for research, one halfway and the other on 70% of the whole string.

~~~ then what can this mean to set a property from pi to "the circle"?

Let me first get our memory lanes to a privilege given to the religion of DRUIDISM:

~~~ is this a thing to get hopeful ... or os it just adding frustration at the complex of dogmatic religions "on war" iso "on speaking terms"?

~~~ and isn't the destiny for the noospheric tribe on merging all religions to an planetary alignment?

anyway ~ a pionearing vision on PI may be set free whether it is DRUIDIQ or what i promote to see as a DRYAD ~ a TREESPIRIT ~ as each human being accepting the role as a BIVID and BIOVOID its DRYAD. Given the idea a pionear doesnt know what is pioneered simply because those unfamiliar vibrations accelerate the pineal gland into grandeur ... which is experiences as a heaven at a singular station or in group gatherings as quite a celebration to relief  and set free.

The setting - from my "o'pinial-glandeur" says:

9 is the strongest number out of the set of 10 digits 0,1,2,...9 given the idea 6 9'rs push themselves forward in a string got from the circles strive to hold its pace. 5 is the second one that gives strenght to the circle.

How does the mystery relate to 9?

From my point of view the 9 is the number of positions between -4 and +4 where the 5th one is the center. In this story the visions of the well known composer & pianist Ludwig von Beethoven fit insimply while his music titles for the 5th and 9th symphony are very well known and influential.

In the Link delivered this Question was put forward: 22. Did Beethoven suffer from a mental disorder, like the bipolar disorder or the borderline syndrome?

I know this is weird wizardry but then 13 9 6 add up into 28 the number ZERO where it is suspected that moons weave into one another in the 13 to 28 kin calendar.

13 is a 4 and is also expressing 9+4 ~ the feminine way to understand what life is all about.

Namasté S'ace : Nine is the width of each bird as well as a birth(inG)