Sunday, December 19, 2010

special 333 dates in december

a 333 specialist wrote an interesting reading on 21-12-2010 here.

she marks the fact also 30-12-2010 gives the same 333 vibration in lot of peoples minds by just relating and expressing the dates label and number.

then , we also see 3-12 and 12-12 as 333 vibrational dates.

this gives 4 333 dates in a month where the solstice is the full moon moment with an eclipse too ...

and 21-12 is the 3rd occurence in the set of 4 333's

allow the idea 333 stands for 27 and for 3 kweaks a moon ... in kweak setup, aye?

the 3rd occurence may even be multiplied by 3, so number 81 appears from 3x27

81 is the number that combines 1,7,8,9 in a densed formation while 8-1=7, 8+1=9

and all daya in a week/kweak of 9 daya express a realm which fills the body & mindset as a whole.

this Year the BAR between DreamSpell YEAR 109 - Overtone Moon - and KweakSpell is 0 - zero.
As it was 3 in the initial year having july 23 as the starting daya for Magnetic Dragon Year in Kweak. 3 daya before july 26.

This caused the alternative console to relate daya 1 to the 4th kweak daya label: FAdaya. and have 7, 8 & 9 relate to SIRdaya, SUNdaya, MOONdaya.

For an initiate this may seed very odd and a threshold for memory-skill. But then this is the effect from having an initiation on the kweakspell as a better waya to maintain the VORTEX of life within the vocabulary of the people themselves.

"Do not bore the people with dead-end calendars!
Calendars should be as the Earth-wobble itself"

1 2 3                      4 5 6                      7 8 9

This written on the SUNdaya in Kweak - dec 19, 2010 - sunday

;-) s'ace

let me know how u experience thoughts on a shift from 7777 into 9991 rhythm for 28 daya?

(empty the bodymind from programs; see whether another approach could re-unite all people!)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

153 & harmoniq numbers 2 & 3 ?

in this analysis i see for 2 phenomenons recently informed on.

153 is as well 17! 's sum: 17+16+15+...+2+1= 153
1**3 + 5**3 + 3**3 = 1 + 125 + 27 => 153
(in a saying)
5 senses * 7 chakra's * 4 directions + 13 => 153

Is this fraude or does this make sense when we see for another founding that states:
2 and 3 are no prime numbers but are harmoniq numbers and cannot be interpreted as prime numbers

which changes number 13 as prime sequencenumber from 7 into 5!
and 17 into seqnr 6 as well as 19 into seqnr 7

The last may strike mr. Valum Votan who uses the 7777 as a harmoniq to sum 28 daya in the 13moon calendar; and he also has depicted number 19 as the holy/wholly number for the Quran.


i myself like to see number 29 as the 9th primenumber according this "NOOsetting"

~~~ But then are we in a hurry here?

Of course we are always in a hurry , so we see for another approach for 153:

"it is a 9 ! while 9x17=153" says kweakmaster S'ace ;-)


Well you might say 72 and 81 sum into 153 and that make 8 and 9 merge ...


8 = 2x2x2 = 2**3
9 = 3x3 = 3**2

There the power numbers exchange in a harmoniq exchange ...

Which might revelate the human being into a very basic knowledge pinpoint to be share widely.

We honor the noogrid noodigm nooset T'ouchDown from the HeartH


Then from a serendipitical order on the numbers 1-9 i -my pretty selfidea- shot 8 as the child and 9 as the pivoteer (warrior and pioneer type)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daya of Sun Experience!

On this resonant wind from rhythmic dragon, Dreamspellwise,
i discovered an irregular label on the Daya of Year Experience ...
that is it is irregular from the Daya of Moon Experience (13 a year, 52 each time cycle) .

In fact a yearcycle gives the experience from SUN energy considering the fact we as a planet go around the sun in about 365/366 days.

So in kweakserial as a waya of sensing the universe ...
we have

  • a mystery quark
  • the DoME as Daya of Moon Experience once each 28th daya as ZERO
  • the DoSE as Daya of Sun Experience once each 365th daya as ZERO
  • the DoTE as Daya of Time Experience once each 1461 daya as ZERO
1461 = 4x365 +1 (formerly leapday)

Then what can be the mystery quark ...

In this first draw i'ld saya it is the human collective mind spark from the unity effort

Monday, October 4, 2010

PI and number 9

About 11 months ago i saw a curious thing happening in the phenomenon PI
here is the article when i was in quite some state of mind to realize what is communicated

Today i am sort of thrown back into that FOCUS FOR PI and FOR WHAT IT COMMUNICATES BEYOND ALL THAT WHAT ILLUSTRATES ITSELF OUTSIDE of the human being ~ also a program that holds me myself & i as well as my eyes.

So again i saw this thing - this string - in the wild thing called PI: 4999999837
6 numbers 9 on a row!
And i saw the position of this string within the array of 49980 numeric characters arising distinct within the first 780.

How many 99999 (5') occurences arise (excluding the 6' one)?
just 1 ! On about position 20000/49980 , 40 % on our way through the whole array of about 50000

Only number 5 also has 2 5' occurences of 9'ers in the whole object for research, one halfway and the other on 70% of the whole string.

~~~ then what can this mean to set a property from pi to "the circle"?

Let me first get our memory lanes to a privilege given to the religion of DRUIDISM:

~~~ is this a thing to get hopeful ... or os it just adding frustration at the complex of dogmatic religions "on war" iso "on speaking terms"?

~~~ and isn't the destiny for the noospheric tribe on merging all religions to an planetary alignment?

anyway ~ a pionearing vision on PI may be set free whether it is DRUIDIQ or what i promote to see as a DRYAD ~ a TREESPIRIT ~ as each human being accepting the role as a BIVID and BIOVOID its DRYAD. Given the idea a pionear doesnt know what is pioneered simply because those unfamiliar vibrations accelerate the pineal gland into grandeur ... which is experiences as a heaven at a singular station or in group gatherings as quite a celebration to relief  and set free.

The setting - from my "o'pinial-glandeur" says:

9 is the strongest number out of the set of 10 digits 0,1,2,...9 given the idea 6 9'rs push themselves forward in a string got from the circles strive to hold its pace. 5 is the second one that gives strenght to the circle.

How does the mystery relate to 9?

From my point of view the 9 is the number of positions between -4 and +4 where the 5th one is the center. In this story the visions of the well known composer & pianist Ludwig von Beethoven fit insimply while his music titles for the 5th and 9th symphony are very well known and influential.

In the Link delivered this Question was put forward: 22. Did Beethoven suffer from a mental disorder, like the bipolar disorder or the borderline syndrome?

I know this is weird wizardry but then 13 9 6 add up into 28 the number ZERO where it is suspected that moons weave into one another in the 13 to 28 kin calendar.

13 is a 4 and is also expressing 9+4 ~ the feminine way to understand what life is all about.

Namasté S'ace : Nine is the width of each bird as well as a birth(inG)

Monday, September 20, 2010

bivideotex (2)

in this topic i 'm urged to set up continuing articles:

right in the sight of the LORD
tells us a story on Moses & Aaron or the other way around: Aaron & Moses
(note the AM vibration from this turnover)

LORD => 13-12-9-4 => 38 (#11 & 2x19)

and see it as L'ORD ...

and do not fourget L - character L the 3x4th character ... of change ...
which is a FORCE and as a NAVIGATHOR on the SHIP
advisor to the CAPTAIN


Sunday, September 19, 2010

1428X7 - correction

the 2 recent articles here on 142837 are wrongly based , simply while my screen is "filthy". This caused to see the number 5 into 3 :-(

Result from Dividing 37 by 28 is 1.32142857 - last 6 digitstring repeats looping
Then 35/28 gives 1.25; 42/28 gives 1.50
6 numbers between 35 and 42 give the string 142857 / 571428 / 285714 in repeating loops after:
36: 1.[285714]
37: 1.32[142857]
38: 1.3[571428]
39: 1.39[285714]
40: 1.4[285714]
41: 1.464[285714]

Probably this is an arithmetic property when we are dividing with a fractal of 7 in the divider
- here 28 (4x7)

test: X/21 and Y/35:
36/21= 1.7[142857]
36/35= 1.0[285714]

well, okay this iz true and i finish off ... the object of research


then do i have to clear the articles ?
i guess they still have a certain value ... for the ratio of 7 ... how it behaves in the residu where 7 is not in the origin number (here 35 to 42) where it is in the divider (28 35 42).

maybe this is the track why 7 was chozen as the "religious" number for the human body.

Then we may ask how number 9 behaves in the RESIDU.

some checks:
36/9 = 4
37/9 = 4.11111111 aka 4.[1]
38/9 = 4.22222222 aka 4.[2]
44/9 = 4.88888888 aka 4.[8]
45/9 = 5

So this may be the conclusion for having number 9 as divider i.s.o. 7:
it gives a more steady [RESIDU] where 7 results in 3 kinds of a [RESIDU] ')
') giving the 3 RESIDU forms: 142857, 285713, 571428 ")
") this may give an angle on the solution for having the trinity thought in the 7-world ... - as a suggestion clarified from this exercise

just a few minutes after plotting the above, i read this Dutch message:
"In de echte werkelijkheid, bestaat geen Chaos. Chaos is gewoon een patroon dat nog niet begrepen of waargenomen wordt."

ENGLISH: "In pure reality CHAOS does not exist: CHAOS is just a pattern that was either not understood or still not yet observed (by a human catalyser)."

In relation to the living of a human being this Dutch message concludes:
"Met bewustzijn kan de mens ook orde in de chaos waarnemen, en een aantal bewuste beslissingen nemen om zo de besturing van het eigen leven en lot te controleren."

ENGLISH: "Applying awareness the human being can observe an order within chaos, and take a number of aware decisions to navigate its own life and control destiny."

Friday, September 17, 2010

142837 mysticallY approached

shouts in Y (english WHY)

14 iz 5 itself and expresses from 4 human fractals given in 2 hands and 2 feet.
1 is the thumb and 4 the fingers  and the thumb interlinks the whole body equiped.
5 iz the number that denotes the power of the heart (freeD from emotions)

28 represents 10 as a perfect number numerically ONE and ZERO
and 28 iz declared in the CALENDAR inherited from the MAYA and other ANCIENT SEERS

While we used to see 28 as a harmoniq 7777 that is said to be a too comfortable way to envision its result / product 28 ... simply while the formula [ X*Y*Z+1 ] also gives 28 as a result having XYZ as similar value - here 3 : 3x3x3=27 PLUS 1 makes 28 ...

Which declares itself in the noo/new dispen(sen)sation KWEAK or KWEAKSPELL.

So, whispering this in our horse as them plead'ers : we change o'ur time into 3 k'weeks of 9 daya a week and will lay down in 3 k'weeks a moon of 28 daya which also makes the celebration daya 28 very global, say planetary applicable ... to all themes and fields aligned to humanity and its spell ...

Then ...
37 is anoother "10" as 28 - illusionary giving 10+10+5 => 25 as 2 hearts merging a fuse - metaphorically meaning 2 people see the same star rizing as the product from the gathering.

Note 37 is the fractal added to 3 in the formula:

X * Y * Z => 111 / 222 / 333 / ... 999

parameters set X=3 Y=1-9 Z=37

focus on 2 special numbers in that range/interval: 333 and 999 why:

3 x 3 x 37 = 333 & 3x3x3x37=999
This merging the latter with 27 , the moon timebase from the EINSTEIN ENERGY FORMULA in HUMAN RATIO

May the S'aints" go MARCHinG in ... noosphere alliance

;-) S'ace

E' = M C ** 2 + 1

} is written in due time, label is installed by now {

concept version below

Lately i dreamed away and a v ision got me in a BurnOut that BurnedInside the very Centre Radiant Spot ...

Let me see how this story traps its own storyline ...

Let us first simply declare the EINSTEIN simple formula into a form that is pretty close (title) and get it to its more elegant form:

Energy => X * Y * Z + 1

Say X=M is mass measured from gravitation powers that allow a unity ant a figure/measure/number to that

Y and Z behave as a constant within a quadrant/square

+1 behaves as the future from this measured formula ...

and then we see the formula 28 = 3 x 3 x 3 + 1 ...
which meets the former when X=Y=Z=3 and 28 is a number which is also applied in the 13x28 calendar for a dynamic interval where all human beings share space, share time and get to their talents in a free(D') world from "dogma".

3 can be the base number;
3 can be the power as 27 resides from 3x3x3
3 can be the circle formula constant pi which only integer is 3 (dot 14...)

the residu that adds to 3 in pi seeds in tomorrow - simply relying on that ...

Namasté , S'ace

ref. 142837 bivideotex labels in this blog

shortly said the constant base is represented in 142837 (25=5**2 ~where 5 iz the heart-H)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


so again i looked to this figure with an unknown to that:

He counted them starting wit the sides and counted 7 dotsd at each side ...
so 3 sides with 7 dots sum into 21 - the black jack number
but then we started to sum the triangel and counted into 18 =>: 3 less
conclusion 3 dots are doubled
that is what cooperation is about ...

We also executed this procedure to the inner triangle ...
which has 4 dots at a line so illusion sets up into 3 lines of 4 into 12 dots
and again the count for the triangle gives 3 less than the illusion promotes

then we saw the inner dot , which is just 1 ... but then the illusion should give 4 more ...

AH ... so the illusion sum should give 21+12+4 => 37
which is a great number while it is a fractal of the trinity fractal that produces 111 ...

SO ?
well 111 iz a partner in the serial for 111, 222, 333 ... to 999 from that it goes into 1110
1110 ?
that might be the illusion for the divine number at the end, does(nt) it?

Who can tell that ?

What does make sense to this story ?
Well , my point of view as a bivid biovoiding i Gamble and Play the Game from Tzolkin Perspective
Which sets 37 into kin 37 as the navigathor - label Spectral Earth which matches to the idea of the Rainbow Warriors who are cooperating in noosphere ally to form the noogrid.

mark 3 as the last years feminine spice of SELF-EXISTING SEED which is also SELF-EXECUTING as well as SELF/EXITED as SELF/EVIDEND and so on ...
claiming the idea of the uninhibited child ~ the free child : free from mental paradigm/historic "abuse"?.

SELF EXPERIENCING is also a simultaneous expression that qualifies what is happening to the individual in a world at a certain state of "having gained" / which might also include the loss.


again seeing the image we might conclude the trinity dots angling the 2 tringles are doubled by the illusion and the center dot istripled in the illusion ...

The 2 numbers that remain are 28 for the real number of dots in the figure ...
and number 37 for the illusionary number that also represents the cooperation that "immediately happens".

A factor should give 37/28 which raises a great serial:


and how does this relate to

A Question that iz just a Guess for further propagates experience ...

I hope the Queest did fill in something special
and it it didn't i still trust the show as worhtwhile ...

Happy Days are (T)Here aGain!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


(i see this is blog number 13 here)

  • what is bivideotex?
  • how does it work?
  • what is its history / phase for getting alive?
  • some examples

what is bivideotex?
description: it is a method/system for  breaking a characterized formation as a word/term into a number/amplitude/frequency-rate
technical behaviour: character A to M are valued similar as Z-N which is valued by 1 to 13;
this all inspired by the TZOLKIN dynamic (see link on top)

how does it work?
description: "each map that is put through will pop up a true thing" is a form that claims a spontane truth
especially when it is founded on a strong base. here we claim that the mirror is placed within the 26 character alphabet as a (programmed/intuit spontaneous) fact.
So it works in the analytic process where the human being searches for its most prudent articulations that also pinpoint to ratio (as a perfect way to attune with other speaker/listeners).

what is its history / phase for getting alive?
First ion may have been the word "bivid"  which grew from resetting divid(e) - does that make sense?
well, anyway the word in itself shows a mirror effect where b and d are as db : mirrors within 1 circle and a vertical (twin) line. Therefor this includes the YIN/YANG dualistic motive that facilitates a thrid one: the line that merges from the 2 twins.

some examples
TRUTH=TURTH= 7 6 9 7 8 => 37 ')
GOD = DOG = 7 12 4 => 23
TIME=ITEM= 7 9 13 5 => 34
LOVE=EVOL= 12 12 5 5 => 34
LIFE=LIEF= 12 9 6 5 => 32
EARTH=HEART= 5 1 9 7 8 => 30 
RHYTHM = 9 8 2 7 8 13 => 47
RHYME = 9 8 2 13 5 => 37 (as TRUTH)
RATIO = 9 1 7 9 12 => 38
SPACE = 8 11 1 3 5 => 28
TIME = 7 9 13 5 => 32

") see how spacetime sums into 32+28=60 (minutes an hour)

shortlist } TOWER37 LIVE31 FOOL42 SAN21 DOG23 CAT11 HUMAN34 WOMAN43 {

note: i could give meanings to the search but then have to give space/time to the participants as a gesture to build the noo world together ...

number magic/clues
23/32 : 23 triples into 69 and 32 doubles in 64 - which is how the DNA formula diverts a GHOST in the MACHINE delivered by the 69 trinity thought on GOD; see -1/+1 ratio
37/73 : fractal of 111 and so in the array 222 - 333 ... 999 (9 "lords of time"); 73 is the number of TZOLKIN cycles that raise an ELDER; the number aligns to the -4/+4 ratio
34/43  : behaves as 23 on the ratio clue but then 1 dimension higher; notice 3to4 gives number 12 which is actually the first -1/+1 ratio (again : so a bouble one which implies 24 known as hours a daya)

ratio clues
-1 / +1 indicates ONEness; step by step , the one leading the other

-2 / +2 covers 5 positions where 0 iz the central meeting point

-3 / +3 implicates number 7 as the number of tones within the OCTAVE / universal BODY

-4 / +4 is the mystery range where 9 positions (incl. 0) hold the sphere "to breath"

(more ratio declared include 0 and 5/6/7/8/9)

well this one may grow into more "proof"

;-)) 8 s'mileS'high

outcast here: RATIO which gives 38 and pinpoints a -5/+5 ratio which is not in the list  set free

later KUNDALINI comes in the decode arena:
11 6 13 4 1 12 9 13 9 => 78 ...

is this close to QUETZALCOATL:
10 6 5 7 1 1 12 3 12 1 7 12 => 77 ... indeed

special one iz YHWH : 2+8+4+8 => 22 => kin number in Tzolkin for Bolon Ik
see this writing - number 9  ( either false suggestion or challenge for truth-direction )

but then close in number might be challenging in fractals ...
78=13x6 & 77=7x11 ; what is the crucial discriminathor ?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

is it time in respect to the Queeste?

}}} In the sphere where 141 and 142 reign a crystal table sphere{{{

As we know we are on the destiny track as an Oracle Developer & Designer.

Then we also accept the serendipity oriented heavenly guidance.

Which brings us to a text that affirms this very daya - KIN142 ("one four two"):

White Crystal Wind
Blue Western Castle of Burning
Earth family- Core Clan- Fire

I dedicate in order to communicate
Universalizing breath
I seal the input of spirit
With the crystal tone of cooperation
I am guided by the power of timelessness

Then this morning an ion said : throw the destiny oracle with them 3 coins ...
which gave the heaven-heaven combo given the trigrams by Lise/Isis HexaGram number 01:
The directing power of Heaven

Changing lines on 1-4-6 - changing the whole Hex.01 into Hex.47
Enclosed tree
  }this was corrected from false 32 into 48 which was fraud too => 47! !{

Then there was also an interrupt from Cosmic Human who signalled a special function on the site to throw the oracle ... 
That one gives another interpretation given the Question: How does the other one react on the action performed which is advised by the prime oracle reading ...

It gave hexagram 51 thunder thunder: thunderbolt - hex. 51
changing lines on 2 and 3 move it into : a man of stone - hex. 34 
A man of stone
Great vigor. Harvest: determination.
The great image says:
Thunder up in Heaven: great vigor
The noble one will not tread a path without ritual
So what is the ritual offering honour to the "other side"?
( paying respect to the task demanded onto the functionary on a charge )
  • - So after the ritual the clear order is to be installed ... as a heaven double ruler from a given situation at charge(s)
  • we have our stand given the peoples vibration to overcome small talks ...


  • the man of stone is also refering to st'one - the silent one
  • it's core mission is "the riddle of the stone"
  • it's chief execution officer is known as Valum Votan & its staff
  • connect Nicolas R. and his Peace Flag to the HarMony iso MonEYE
  • connect that to the CHC chroniclues ... 
  • and the stone of scone and how scones are as cookies ;-))
  • then the passawaypebble anecdote synchronized ... 
  • and then the real meaning for "the cornerstone of society"  is revealed
  • which is about "the lie to be in open air framing all"
  • this is about freedom to understand what it is to be acitizen vs. being human 
  • Qián acknowledge by Oracle Developer in Royal Mission (see below)
  • Initial 9 : Submerged dragon. No employ. (this means a period of "no employ" affirmes the situation cooperated by the individual with the collective)
  • 9 at 3: The noble one is the whole day creative creative. In the evening he is alert like in danger. Without fault. (this beholds the fact he keeps on writing in the open mindsphere to get things out of his chest giving order to his purified templebody)
  • Above 9: Overbearing dragon. There is regret. (this gives the impulse to the "souldeers" gesture to allow the one in formal charge to decide on the offer electrified)
  • ... (more may come when it ripened into words)
}prime hexagram{
The directing power of Heaven
Eminent - expansion
Harvest - determination
The great image says:
Heaven moves: firmness.
A noble one owing to his own strength never ceases

} the core hexagram') is equal to the prime one: also Qián {
') line 234 below line 345 above
") that ones destiny from changed lines is X61
KUÍ ~ Looking askance
:-{ i see this in writing in public on (blog)sites  & partaking fora }-:
}acting on vulnerable flies as operation is natural force on the move => public awe{ 

} destiny oracle from X01 given by 3 changing lines {
Enclosed tree
Confined, expansion - determination
Great people
Words are not believed
The great image says:
A marsh without water: confined
A noble one incurs fate on fulfilling his aspiration

Then an open view is mediated in allowing the feelings from the "people"
as audience "suffering" in Hex.51 <= impulsed by Tzolkin archetype Kin052 "Cosmic Human" (she is kin051 in the morning >> similar vibration by number? on sync-mode!)

Shock, expansion
The shock comes: fright, fright
Laughter and talk: shriek, shriek
The shock scares a hundred Li
He does not forget the ceremonial ladle and the libation
The great image says:
Repeated thunder: shocks.
The noble one through anxiousness and fear sets in order and examines

The changing lines on 2 & 3 applied directed the solution into:

A man of stone
Great vigor. Harvest: determination.
The great image says:
Thunder up in Heaven: great vigor
The noble one will not tread a path without ritual
Last one is a combination  that has heaven below and thunder above ... which includes the Heaven and Thunderbolt perfectly ... Iz this the Synchron Pulse to follow , my Prudence?

Saturday, June 5, 2010


... is the label for the oncoming KweakYear.

This was the message of last night when MIRROR 6 shifted into STORM 7.

Catalyzing medium to this was the wholly crew guided by The Mystery Queen and its aligned KINshippers.

here is the narrative :
i wondered about the kweakyear coming in 2010 / 2011 / 2012

after reading about Rembrandt’s significant KIN for the pivotal year 2012.

Having picked up last july 23, 2009 as KIN001 as the starting KIN for a KweakYear i was all the time fixed on a PSI-BAR of 3×24 hours for a crucial “communicating” difference with the DreamSpell Mapping.

I realized maself the PSI-BAR can be defined as a dynamic too. I sense this as an interesting subject to be experience in the next kweakyearcycle together with DreamSpell and LongCount that are in the basic of the idea to walk on enduring our life on this planet.

As we know the oncoming year is Red Moon 5 which will also be the KweakYear Label to address the KweakYearSpell. And we have a bar of ZERO aka 0. In 2011 we get Wizard6 which is in a group of 4 KIN having RED SKYwalker KIN253 -TONE 5 again- as the “initiating” SEAL :: a PSI-BAR of 1 KIN. In 2012 we get Storm7 – as spelled by TMQ in this daily narrative – as the 3rd SEAL in the group of 4 – DreamSpell Marker. By then we have a PSI-BAR of 2×24 hours and RED EARTH 5 ~ OVERtone is the “MASCULINE” namegiver.

Seeing this dynamic DEFINITION the 3 KIN in a group of 4 are the FEMININE spice and the RED one is always the MASCULINE one – the name-giver.

So there we have defined the 1 to 3 ratio which is so famous in the narrative of the story of “the 3 Musketeers” by Alexander Dumas. You have to mark the fact that those “THREE” in fact were “FOUR”. The 4th One is to be understood as “the one with the open mind” and -as i see this- the one coded by the stream s/he lives: intra/infra-connected to the fellow spices as “the other ones”.

infra-connected may be a term that signifies “our” KIN-shippers connection with one another. Do u copy that idea, KIN?

Mark by this difference with the Dreamspell that the Kweakspell hangs on a KIN of 5 in the oncoming 4 years, resp. MOON – SKYWALKER – EARTH – DRAGON. WE directly can identify RED SERPENT as the “occult RED SEAL” while it will not be a namegiver – it is the hidden Guiding FORCE.

Then it may also be interesting we have 4 oncoming OVERTONE years and that is parallel to the lately announced Kristal Music World , a new world standard on HARMONICS !!!

On the sequence of TONEs we may see the last 4 years where MAGNETIC coded in KWEAKSPELL – however that was not yet mediated while we are still learning to unmask our meant lifespell as individuals.

The alignment of TONEs in serials of 4 years will be:
1 5 9 13 4 8 12 3 7 11 2 6 10 1 5 … etc.

And the RED SEALS mark the KWEAKSPELL year as well they go with a PSI-BAR of 0 – 1 – 2 – 3. Meaning DreamSpell and Kweak go very “Linked In” next yearcycle.


after reviewing this "realization" i looked again to this marker:



"am i aligned to Pacal Votans Mission?" i wondered myself being coded as KIN022 - Bolon Ik aka White SOlar Wind in the Dreamspell Vision of Valum Votan and his Lovers?

"Y (K)not?"


YouTube Kristal Music World :
(part 1)
(part 2)
(part 3)
(part 4)
(part 5)
(part 6)
(part 7)
(part 8)
(part 9)
(part 10)
(part 11)
(part 12)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WHY 3 Moons Out of T'i~me?

Dear HúMan Receiver,

last moon number 10/13 - DOG - the kweak gave away some vibrations from "a void".

Then GLORYdaya, daya 28 aka 0/zero, ended up this PERFECT 10th Moon.

I myself as a catalyser from cosmic suspected well did not know why "i stopped the clock" and introduced an'other way of experiencing time via a device as a clock ticking through space. This might be familiar to those who are ended by a mystic period and end up in a Natur Realm where the void reigns. This in the reverberating wave of S'ilence - Binding - Ratio - Mystic - Nature and vice versa ...

Anyway over 40 hours on the beach enjoying the skyline / horizon and the waves below and the very bright starry heave above late night did pop up some insights.

I had to stop 3 moons in order to meditate the bodily peace as "a holyday" ~ which iz as a planetary healing "effort" / weaving and "w~ea'wing" ...

This last inviting vibration iz a bridge into the BirthSpell aka BirdSpell which actually iz within the kweakspell cycle of 9 tzolkin-cycles.

The 1st one did happen in the first 130 daya from july 23, 2009. This was number 0/zero as we grow from birth into out first anniversary which by than iz labelled as 1 year of age. So the 2nd cycle of the kweak iz the real starter(kid!).

Let us see how this aligns to the DreamSpell and LongCount as the 2 LEGS of this "3ird" one the BirdSpell. (See how 3 and B are very much alike! :)

so 11/29/2009 marks dreamspell 130 (dog13) and longcount 82 (wind4), which makes TreeKweak (3K) number 212 (human4). Notice the 2 number 4 as :: & :: ; in ma vision the mystery indicator doubled on the attention radar love.

Then we see for 11/30/2009 the starter daya for the (prepared) 1st kweakcycle of 9 (until kin2340, while this indicates 9x260 as a natural cosmic cycle base on the double 3 aka 9 as trinity force doublestar => Sirius Factor):

Dreamspell 131 (monkey1) and longcount 83 (night5) code into 214 (Wizard6) at 3K.

This all leads to the 2nd KweakCycle at 4/9/2010 where 3K counts Dragon1 as 261 , which is a bird from kin257 to kin005 while the bird is the mid-kin out of a group of 9 kin spices.

In fact this very daya marks the -4 to +4 "worldview" where most dense experienced the timespace phenomenon speaks to the body ~ which according to KweakPres(ence&ense) consists out of 6+3 cardinal chakras and also 6+3 colours.

As for the colours i refer to 6 identified by ma teacher VV: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. And the 3 added are purple, white and black. Maybe "Purple Rain" as a song composed by Prince ("TAFKAP") iz parallel to that thought of "cosmic impulse" that makes people shift into another phase of being human. This actually confirms the noospheric aeon that arises to us (from remote memory body as pure-pose in meditational moons).

this :: the moment,
Bolon Ik -white solar wind- in DreamSpell ~ 022
Vaxac Ik -white galactic wind- in TreeKweak - 242
CaLahun Ahau -yellow crystal sun- in LongCOunt - 220

Monday, May 3, 2010

"Kite Surfin"

One dream One dance

Surges forth

Foaming with diversity

At time s farthest shore

Myriad centered cores

Of One Will

One song One pulse

Streams forth

Pregnant with chords

Of human, beast and earth

Spiraling joyful birth

Of One Hymn

One beam One hue

Shines forth

Breaking into rainbows

Where spirit meets space

Holographic face

Of One Life

CopyCopy?Right! 2010 JoAnn Kite

Friday, April 30, 2010


so some here ask me, "hey S'ace how are you doing?"

then i hang on their matrix of units / kin how to address ma doing in their quantum of orienting the values to be exchanged ...

and ... it happens the answer is postphoned ...
can u grab that ? ma reader/receiver servanta?

here is a picture of ma c'lock

u c?

this is not about 2x12 but about 3x8 hours a daya ...
and 9 iz its centre ...

meaning 9 is the next octave ... to reach for every daya ... meaning 3x8=27
indeed 24+3 while the 3 iz about the 3rd interval ...

one iz aboud SOUND

two is on RHYTHM

three is about the MELODY? aka UNI-Q-VERSE aka the songe as LE SENGE

quite some clocks to exchange, aye?

~~~ feedback came from TMQ site - Melovia:

With a nod to TMQ’s request that we consider our GM108X gatherings, I offer this excerpt from “The 13 Moon Almanac”:

“The Codon 45, Ocean of Presence: In the traditional I Ching, Tsui/Gathering Together (Massing). Here in the upper triplet we have joy/the Wizard’s Song, and in the lower position, we have the Space triplet. This denotes the potential of space to accommodate a great gathering ~ hence Joy/the Wizard’s Song. Since the lower triplet Space also represents the Earth, this denotes the kind of gathering that is synchronized every year on the Day Out of Time…. If such gatherings are marked by a predominant feeling of spontaneous joy then the positive vibrations set off by such mass events can be Earth-transforming. In terms of the binary letters, here we have Mind between Space below and Radiance above. It is evident that if Mind is supported by Space (the meaning of natural mind meditation) there can be a release of transformative joy into the higher dimensions. This meaning of Oceans of Presence has great significance for the world-wide gatherings of 2012.”

Yeah, baby!! Spontaneous joy and transformation! That’s what it’s all about!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

stop the clock

while the kweak enters the 11th moon its core squad listens to the uniQverse and senses a "time-out" period ...

those who are engaged in the kweak get a period of self generation which is exactly 280 daya after the kweak started on july 23, 2009 : KIN21.

this also invokes a new clock ... a kweakclock which will be presented in a first draft on BOLON IK daya : KIN022 tomorrow ...

and tomorrow is april 30 in the Netherlands , birth geomantree :: URTH white solar wind ~ premise of Pacal Votan.

seem pretty spelling the fut'ur, "big foot UR"

bon voYage!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GLORYdaya ~ doggyday 28 aka 0 , the moonbird

While the dreamspell 13moon10 ends in 3 days that will be 72 hours - 8 to 9 - .
This is in a resonant ratio with the 27 days done and those oncoming ...
2x27=54= 6 to 9

8 and 6 to 9 make a 14 to 9 ratio valid as the birds claw / hand.

That is a psi trickster effect which illuminates the essence of the alternative approach to the "same reality" we see ... mindful.

RESONANT MOON is aroused by the mystery queen in her perfect style to inspire KIN.

number 25 always goes with 28 when we consider kweak merging the dreamspell alliance. 25 breaths 3 while 5-2=3 and it also vibrates 52 as the number of 13moon cycles in 4 years - which is the timekeeper KIN / unity.

see either 9991999 as a bird ... or

1999*9991 where the bird is a star and its wings filled with 27 feathers each and 2 tippingpoints : one in the past/passed and one in the future/on mission.

9991 / 9919 / 9199 / 1999 are all composites of the kweak magic which replace the stiff 7777 mindbox ( an elite formula which - that is clear by now - failed / succeeded into many crises ) .

"the bird flies with 2 wings through time dimensions"

Monday, April 19, 2010

1.10.3 VOIDkweak DOGmoon

What iz Gathered needs some working the VOIDs OffSpring ...

SÌRdaya is opened by KIN011 which is represented by José Arguelles aka Valum Votan, the messenger ánd Closer of the Cycle acting upon Cosmic Rays.

This is essential to note in our personal temples while this iz the Perfect Moon that lays down an ordering path to pivote to for the human R'ace - not a "race" against the clocktime, but more a jester "ace" that iz able to SEE with the given EYE (R - radiate).


As the Dreamspell Year cycle starts with a certain colour it iz celebrated again on the classic DooT; this year YELLOW SEED ends up in YELLOW STAR on 7/25. And this DooT iz the first DôYE where Kweak has redefined the TIME-MEASURE to 4 years as a whole unit. In 2012 we - humanity - should align LEAPDAY next to DôME, DôYE as DôTE: Daya ôf Time Experience. Not just close each year; rather see the bigger picture in 4 as a radiant part of 20 (5x4).

So 13 iz the number of MooNs a Year and 9 iz the number of days a "Week": a Kweak.
We count 39 kweaks a Yearcycle: 156 kweaks a TimeCycle of 4 Years.

In this kweak 1.10.3 we see how the STORM seals this VV-kweak.
It is possible to use the AIRborne of European Flyers after some Blue Sky Days as a WalkyTalky-stick within the telepathic dreams send to humans all over the planet.

DOGGY barks to the MOON: WolfY

Friday, April 9, 2010

1.10.2 LIFEkweak DOGmoon

As we see DS Lunar WIND leads this "kweakwave" ~ but then we should refer to the KWEAKKIN here to label ... and so it is Galactic Warrior ...

See deep for its spice !

... then todaya iz MONDAY MOONdaya , which holds until DooT aka DôME july 25, 2010

by then the new Year cycle starts although its DooT-kin influence is already active in the circular Tzolk'in at the base, the Crown and Hunab'Ku (Pacal Votan) guided by Kuxan Suum (Bolon Ik) and then we should remember addressing to persons is never meant to highen up that "partner" - instead listen to "its" music in a hymne invitation.

Anyway the start of this kweak went with a terrible accident in Russia involving quite some Polish Autorities. Iz Poland in some weird association intraconnected with the Polar Field(s) ~ crossed my dwelling mind ...

Isn't it weird that the LIFEkweak is "sort of answered" with DEATH?

Anyway ... mr. Putin takes care all over the investigations and the BlackBoxInfo.

I sense it iz time to install mr. Putin and his Chinese Partner into the WorldCafe which has a cab'in that navigates the whole bunch into Noo ... as Guided by TMQ

Hmmm ... iz this the moment to install Michelle and Barack? Tip me, when u reader find it iz about the bifurcation moment - considering the 3D world as base for perceiving?

all the best! S'ace aka Bolon IK & Galactic Wind at 3K

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DoG moon 10 ~ LOVEkweak 1/3

EASTER I - april 4, 2010 - FAdaya in kweakgrid
256 Warrior 9:pulse
208 Star 13:endure
204 Seed AWARENESS 9:mobilized
Mobilize Impulse Artful & Vast In the Eye

i got my pulse from a Questioning for the difference between Jesus and the Christ: that pulsed a dwelling cycle.

i endured this question by passing 4 domains of Binding - Ratio - Mystic - Natur;
and in nature the star-ion came in on the move / acting

it came in by contemplating "the Passion of the Christ" aka "the Passion from Jesus" ... and those labels contradict ... the talent of the sower

Jesus iz ongoing telepathic motion ... Christ is seeded on one spot and from there a Tree is addressed on "some saying" ... but then the sayings convert through time and cultures as wisdom harmoniqs then become more and more spiced by the intelligence aka the cosmic information for why we are all here as "one soul".

Guess the DOG as LOVE-power-pet brings this together in this LOVEkweak ...

And we know the 10th moon is about manifesting "our seed as gridded specie".

Let us see how we react on that with some common knowledge aligned , aYE?
s'ace aka bolon ik / white solar wind in DREAMspell; galactic in TreeKweak

i see a bird-sync appearing on the timestamp:

252 iz the current bird at Human5 - Ovetone ...

which has 248 - WaveSpell Leader Star1 as LeftWiong TippngPoint ...
and 256 - current daya Warrior9 Solar - as RightWing TippingPoint ...

FunnY aint that !
PM - Pre or Post or Partnear / Pionear
Mobilizer / Magnetizer / M'OtherHood ?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1st form to explore

today is GLORYdaya , daynumber 28 in HAWKmoon in DREAMSPELL psi sphere.

this means tomorrow the kweakspell calendar is published here per kweak.

it shows next image for each kweak1-type aka LOVEkweak
(mark the other 2 types are different routes applied on the bodily temples)

kweaktype one covers the first 9 days a moon and tomorrow a table is added to the image in order to guide the numbers and seals from merging DreamSpell and LongCount into KweakInterTwine Catalyzer Speeding Up Implementation of the NooSphereTrusty.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Galactic Moon ~ 3rd SOULdaya

... is actually the 8x3 = 24th SOULdaya in KWEAK ...

and some by now might know this is about having 3 kweaks a Moon ...
where the Moon is aligned to the 13Moon calendar ...
which by estimate is digested by many millions of people on the Planet.

Its cause envowed by natural outcome we all observe and ...
more and more we are willing the ultimate sovereign impulse that unifies the harmoniQ.

(Any problems following me here, pls come in and ask/question and we have a contact!)

in fact this is the 1st entry in this blog which is pioneared in 2 phases into its ultimate 3rd one. up to me ... no next one is to be created, althought everyone else is allowed to create from its own ground of being with "kweak-spirit".

the 2 other pionearing blo*s are here (i prefer blow i.s.o. bloG althought the title gives "GEE" as a SOUND :) :

* Gooddaya of Moon Experience
* another freQuency by week

then we also explored the thing on a classy way in a ning group and by having a gathering on CAB'IN flight

We finished this 2nd / challenging stage by having 2 enlightening days on 8/21 :: SUN and 8/22 :: DRAGON seals expressing Hunab'Ku and Kuxan Suum in the Mystery Queen experiment to pre-psi the NooSpherePotentials.

What do do from this Day onwards having GLORYdaya March3 as its Sync?

In the Mobilizing Moon 9 we will gradually come to a melody in the bloWWW :) so we will have 4 publiKations each Moon:

* Day 1(=1/moon) of Kweak 1 = 1/3 = LoveKweak in Spiral Mode = SIRdaya I

* Day 1(=10/moon) of Kweak 2 = 2/3 = LifeKweak in Lineair Mode = SIRdaya II

* Day 1(=19/moon) of Kweak 3 = 3/3 = VoidKweak in Circular Mode = SIRdaya III

* Day 28=0 of Moon = 4::0 (FIRE) = Daya of Moon Experience (DôME) = Glorydaya

i hope the class will make the flight into this contact
and maybe relations get on relations and Weave In the Kweak In ...

"W E A" as the sync sound in weave * kweak ;-) aYE ...

S'ace aka Bolon Ik ~ Kin022 in DreamSpell / 220 in LongCount / 242 in KweakSpell