Saturday, March 24, 2012

JAGUAR moon ... on lei-sure phase in VOID KWEAK ...

as we see more colours got their desitination

the combinations have a variety of finding their place

the last 2 columns
find the bird harmoniQ

which defines a feedback principle in the wings of the birdY

also the yellow colour is missing in the bottom sectiom
why is that?

well the face of the creature is the yellow ripened one itself!

( as U? )
route 22 meeting catch 22
catch 22 receiving route 22

Thursday, March 15, 2012

JAGUAR moon ... jumps into LIFE KWEAK ...

some notes ...
  • column 3K hides seals white and yellow because that is the sorcerers work at the inner station!
  • lifekweak is extra spiced by an accident / catastrophe happening in switserland/europ
  • it was in the first news phase offered as 22 kids among 28 death ones on their way home
  • the most precious offer to the rest of us is understand their offer from "an energetic motion"
what does the jaguar moon represent in the moment at charge?

"lily flowers are opening the senses" 

will you read more on this pivotal moment in"B"earth history enchanting the human specie?

contemplate this saying

"The mystical jaguar is a master shapeshifter 
and reminds us of the possibility to reshape
our perceptions and circumstances
and to view our life from different dimensions"

this all in service with kin 138

} MNOTE: mirror is winds guide on tones 1 5 9 13{


Sunday, March 11, 2012

JAGUAR moon ... leaps!

what is Jaguar Transduces ?

see for Transduce as
1. To convert (energy) from one form to another.
2. To transfer (genetic material or characteristics) from one bacterial cell to another. Used of a bacteriophage or plasmid.

1 pinpoints to the action to mobilize the human specie into its final destiny
9 is always meant to accomplish that premise
which is why moon 9 is tributed by this Spirit Power Pulsing Animal

2 indicates the estafette of life and within bodies as in masses and generations
consider macro biologics as the noosphere?


visitoras may notice birds came in the präsenze
each moon till "july 25, 2016"
is in a supreguidance of KeyAvatar 176 in Dreamspell
active on 3/5/2012 the 29th daya for kweak

176 forms a trinity with 129 Mayan Tzolkin & 45 TreeKweak
which describes as those three "muscetears"
yellow resonant warrior , a GAP kin
red crystal moon , a 7th column "water dragon"
red rhythmic serpent , dancer in sunwave

does warrior signify the human ending the ol' paradigms?
does moon affirm human water dragons?
does the serpent bite the law of time kin into noo?

time will tell

Sunday, March 4, 2012

KA MU THY ~ G all actick ;-))

while being engaged by the noo-topic noo~works from relating kin ...

nice readings pop up for the hu~mane ones arizing as a springtimeflood ...

as this one received from Melovia - on Meta History

which links through to the understanding of METTA

and makes me realize that the word METTABOWL should be there ...
but then the SEEKER phantom didnot come up with an option ...
so i created a blog label on that one ...
and see whether it comes up in a few period to resolve "the gap"

Also other suggestions are welll co me ...

|~{ ... }-:

( Soul'ace | )

meditate on ))) ka mu thy ((( as a time marker on the planet V24.3