Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daya of Sun Experience!

On this resonant wind from rhythmic dragon, Dreamspellwise,
i discovered an irregular label on the Daya of Year Experience ...
that is it is irregular from the Daya of Moon Experience (13 a year, 52 each time cycle) .

In fact a yearcycle gives the experience from SUN energy considering the fact we as a planet go around the sun in about 365/366 days.

So in kweakserial as a waya of sensing the universe ...
we have

  • a mystery quark
  • the DoME as Daya of Moon Experience once each 28th daya as ZERO
  • the DoSE as Daya of Sun Experience once each 365th daya as ZERO
  • the DoTE as Daya of Time Experience once each 1461 daya as ZERO
1461 = 4x365 +1 (formerly leapday)

Then what can be the mystery quark ...

In this first draw i'ld saya it is the human collective mind spark from the unity effort

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