Saturday, September 3, 2011

CREST13 (2) - september 12 13 14

here the meditation after sector I/III lead by Stephanie South ...
(Children of the Sun)

~~~ next is the first draw for those 3 days - repeating the first med' on pivoting seals ...
(see sector III/III for the 3 daya after this "rhythm" section)

here is the 2nd triple daya on the megamed' streaming CREST underwater ...

KIN 216 217 218 219 220 221


so monday 9/12 warrior & earth regulate the med's
tuesday mirror & storm measure the Electric Night in DreamSpell
wednesday sun & dragon fulfill the wave which is MOON ONE 209 ~MAGNETIZER

(greatly inspired by the life lived by Stephanie South & her dedicated works')

Day 4: White Lunar Wind (9-12-11)

First feather of the left wing, transpassing a sound. We can begin our meditation on the Crystal Storm by dedicating our body speech and mind in service to the All Good, Most High. Keeping in mind that through our effort at meditation and contacting Higher mind we are catalyzing universal energy for all beings. Being that this is the lunar tone of challenge, we can all tune into each other and know we are telepathically united at the galactic round table. And of course we are guided by the power of magic (galactic signature of Madame Blavatsky) and some warriors setting through.

Day 5: Blue Electric Night (9-13-11)
This is the birdydaya, it centers the wholly 9 daya we contemplate. On this day we can focus on the inner dream and the coming solar age. What would intuition foresee if everyone remembers the dream? That is something to contemplate. After the first morning meditation reflect on this past spin that began on Christmas Day 2010! A powerful day to sit with and feel the totality of your being and with focus on the Supreme Creator that ignites and animates all beings!

Day 6: Yellow Self-Existing Seed (9-14-11)
first feather of right wing ~ transpassing a sound. On this day this very 260-day cycle is set through by the accomplishment of a serial of 4 colours, a complete subset. Dream Really Big. And write down your Highest Dreams for this cycle, personally, collectively and for the whole Earth. Beam your highest visions through your third eye into the noosphere. Some of you might want to carry the meditation through one more day to the full moon and rainbow bridge meditation …

a clip received from Priscilla, which i promote as shivering transmission ..

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