Monday, November 14, 2011

Moon 5 - kweak 5.1

the kweak is a series of 28daya as in 13Moon world of TelePathy
the kweak differs from DreamSpell & LongCount while it walks on both worlds:
which is why KweakSpell Kin is the "summary" in 4th column ...

Kweak always starts on a red seal, which is why it differs 1 kin from Dreamspell considering its beginning.
The difference between Spells is an add to the magnetic world that fascinates its sorcerers.

9991 is its frequency against the ol' 7777
some change 9991 to 1891 while 18 represents dualistic love/life and 9 the void.

in tones 13 12 11 ') land in 10 - the planetary manifestation of all beings united in a mindsphere

hier mantra poëzie (geïnspireerd door mantra readings) <= Dutch LanguageD 

') (according kweak sorcerer & seer)
13 signifies LOVE & Cosmic Mystery (magnetism) - therefor Tzolkin tone 13 Cosmic
12 signifies LIFE & Crystal Clearing (birthright) - therefor Tzolkin tone 12 Crystal
11 signifies VOID & Spectral Spacing (sensitivity) - therefor Tzolkin tone 11 Spectral

10 signifies a coöperative contributor to community without any borders nor boredom
it iz about Manifestation as an Essence, Production as Action, Perfect the PowerForce Ruling -

therefor Tzolkin tone 10 Planetary (hotspot for true beings to clarify kinship as well as worshippers)

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s'ace said...

on MOON:: i shared next comment on mysteryqueen kin 68 - electric star:

thx for the far side of the moon , pedrin ~warrior::

this sound of the flute is very close by to many family members … a Kin

in my humble avataric “rebootmoment” i sense graceful to practice deep sounds in a serial attuned to the moon rhythm which tells a tale: the MoonTales … not just one moontale but many in a serial that somehow make my new – noo? – cells twinkle in oceans of possibilities …

daya 3 in kweak :

daya 4 in kweak :

daya 5 in kweak :

however DOG is the Dreamed Seal of tomorrow that guides …
it seems DOG in kweak today …
this is illustrated here

many kin may be shocked and this causes an inner rage …

but then i – bolon ik typo/spiced – offer the wisdom spoken by Mahatma Gandhi:

“Rage is to a man what fuel is to a car”

offstage one realizes the fact a car drives on fuel (in the mindset of first half of the 20 century) and Bapu (father to many Indians) gave people the insight they should turn this rage in a better self on a modest, nonviolent aka peaceful way to set the sovereign attitude from itself / themselves.
In a waya we a’kin practice this kin’olive in our time which seems a prestage for 2012 but in fact it is the stem golf ahead of ship on steam (see how close stem and steam are!)