Monday, December 12, 2011

Moon 6 ~ kweak 6.1

there is a lot to do about equality and equivalency

is it a marketplace

is it the eternal bizz on who is greater, who spends more,
who has power, who is in power
, aye ?

anyway basically kweak aligns to the musical paradigm ...

which is as in attuned mantra's, right?

the musical paradigm
receives a consonance within a sound of silence
then the bodily vessel vibrates its rhythm and rhyme schemes

is this new noise appealing to my secured body?
is it disturbing my inner peace?
van i open me up for the news of this moment?

but then ... is there a choice
but adjust to the new experiences that raise a voice

isn't it all about the third dimension in this musical accord
which is about melody
the bottom line for the dance

(?) !!!


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