Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Turtle Moon finishes off ...

but the it is also the beginning , the annoucement for another cycle ...

July fourth is celebrated in United States for

Independent Day ...

this is connected to the fiqure of



notice Volonté Generale from Rousseau might pivot into
Volonté Integrale those days ...

300 years ago Rousseau was born in Canton de Geneve (Swiss)
on june 28 , 1712 => goes here with ))) ALPHAOEN ((( mantra

The 3 here are selected while me orientation was inspired over 20 years ago by reading the history of the adventures of the Marquis ...

Quite a guy / hero / knight ... to build on , i'ld say ...

Vive la France , Vive la RepubliQue
Vive l'homme vivante 
haab POP 14

Blue Self-Existing Monkey
Blue Magnetic Monkey
White OverTone Wind

TreeKweak KIN 382 / 122

Wavespells, resp.

Action Power Essences, resp.
beautify elegance art
play magic illusion
communicate spirit breath

Dynamic Pivots
Power Action Essences, resp.
measure define form
attract unify purpose
command empower radiance

tri-knighty 251 131 122

TreeKweak combines past & future in a harmoniQ

') on the WIKI this remark: he probably was not a freemason at all; he -his body & name- was used as a propaganda tool for the "secret jobs club" : that's why hes was first placed in the Pantheon 16 years later

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