Sunday, July 15, 2012

turtle on Mayan Tzolkin NewYears daya!

today it iz july 15 - publishing this page
one day after remembering Bastille in Paris

leaving the prison

which may be a good idea
todaya and all days to co me


new here is number 1089
whuich is the moon on 9 this kweak
according the running 4th cycle of KweakSpell Calender
started -as a ref.- on july 23, 2009

1089 vibrates 10 before 8 and then 9

this means be perfect on advance
before handling your means

in dutch 10 is "voortuur" ; 9 is "natuur"

( "voortuur" is similar as intention = "in 10T ion" )

this is my wish as galactic wind 242 in treekweak

S 'ace ... Y

in this kweak a new moon
here a desciption 

reference table for the randomized setting

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