Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Diana Tribute ...

a method is in research mode
to see
how 3 various Spells
on the Katun Assembly in Mayan Factor

here an example

This Example on DIANA declares the focus shaped:

interesting to see 11.9 appear in DreamSpell H ?

6.9 put "her spell" in Vedic Civilization

in the examination 3 spells are as instrument :
  • DreamSpell
  • Mayan Tzolkin
  • KweakSpell (their sum KIN)

United Spirit of Communities
United Communities of Spirit

Questionairy section

What is Q111 ?

This Q11 is a reference to the 48 new Runes weaved in to the Human as a Specie ..

this is activated on july 23, 2009 ... 209 is MOON 1 - magnetic - start of a weaving to purify

for studying the Q111 rune - here is a link to the revelations brought to us by VV, Law of Time ,

T ... i ?  me ! 

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