Monday, December 31, 2012

Holy Daya Meander~ring


todaya we see how
december 22
january 1
are vibrating together affirmed in TreeKweakSpell
109 and 129
Moon tones 5 - radiant - and 12 - crystal -

what can we see from that perspective ..

in another perception
the 12 holy days are at there center praying

at first sight this gives the BALANCING POWER of newyearsday

while MOON in TreeKweak
goes further unto SandY StorM
on mystic SIRdaya - the SIRIUS attractor

special daya for kweak numbers 
1 - 3 - 20 13
gives daya NINE in the 12

1 comment:

YaniQ said...

Strange coincidence ..
The 141 is said to be MonKey ..
But of course this is Dragon ..

A nurturing Seal intertwining the playful spirit of monkey ..
Is it mykey in hidden modus rocovering from history ..
Siimilar as the manyfold ..

Sym Pli