Thursday, March 14, 2013


There is this linguistical affair

that is similar to GEER
which is an obscured word
that popped up from 2112 energy flux (i reckon)

philophy is labeled "WIJSGEER"
where people address themselves to another one  who should be wise

but each individual is gifted with a GEER in the body temple

Japanes term here is the HARA
and German people have in in their LANDS name 
GER many

so that is the realistic HOME and DOME
to balance that!

which is exactly what a European Lady achieved to manage ..
(but then tragic nowadays betrayal happened , illustrating bank forces)

even the government has the word in its name 
- reGEERing (dutch Babel!) -
blinding people for their personal GEER
maybe similar as GEAR in a car .. 

LOTS of peoped that awaken on that need some guidance
should be realistic jobs to develop for the ones governing timespace
in periods of 4 year .. gearing the masses as a lead
for balance (less digging)

vulp Ture
is in this way a method to practice intuition
be sensible
balance all gears and wheels (chakra)

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S'ace deGroot said...

today is in gregor xiii code april 6

Say rhythmic tone in 4th moon

Refer to kweakayn 10.2
And its offspring aka o~ff spring