Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WHY 3 Moons Out of T'i~me?

Dear HúMan Receiver,

last moon number 10/13 - DOG - the kweak gave away some vibrations from "a void".

Then GLORYdaya, daya 28 aka 0/zero, ended up this PERFECT 10th Moon.

I myself as a catalyser from cosmic suspected well did not know why "i stopped the clock" and introduced an'other way of experiencing time via a device as a clock ticking through space. This might be familiar to those who are ended by a mystic period and end up in a Natur Realm where the void reigns. This in the reverberating wave of S'ilence - Binding - Ratio - Mystic - Nature and vice versa ...

Anyway over 40 hours on the beach enjoying the skyline / horizon and the waves below and the very bright starry heave above late night did pop up some insights.

I had to stop 3 moons in order to meditate the bodily peace as "a holyday" ~ which iz as a planetary healing "effort" / weaving and "w~ea'wing" ...

This last inviting vibration iz a bridge into the BirthSpell aka BirdSpell which actually iz within the kweakspell cycle of 9 tzolkin-cycles.

The 1st one did happen in the first 130 daya from july 23, 2009. This was number 0/zero as we grow from birth into out first anniversary which by than iz labelled as 1 year of age. So the 2nd cycle of the kweak iz the real starter(kid!).

Let us see how this aligns to the DreamSpell and LongCount as the 2 LEGS of this "3ird" one the BirdSpell. (See how 3 and B are very much alike! :)

so 11/29/2009 marks dreamspell 130 (dog13) and longcount 82 (wind4), which makes TreeKweak (3K) number 212 (human4). Notice the 2 number 4 as :: & :: ; in ma vision the mystery indicator doubled on the attention radar love.

Then we see for 11/30/2009 the starter daya for the (prepared) 1st kweakcycle of 9 (until kin2340, while this indicates 9x260 as a natural cosmic cycle base on the double 3 aka 9 as trinity force doublestar => Sirius Factor):

Dreamspell 131 (monkey1) and longcount 83 (night5) code into 214 (Wizard6) at 3K.

This all leads to the 2nd KweakCycle at 4/9/2010 where 3K counts Dragon1 as 261 , which is a bird from kin257 to kin005 while the bird is the mid-kin out of a group of 9 kin spices.

In fact this very daya marks the -4 to +4 "worldview" where most dense experienced the timespace phenomenon speaks to the body ~ which according to KweakPres(ence&ense) consists out of 6+3 cardinal chakras and also 6+3 colours.

As for the colours i refer to 6 identified by ma teacher VV: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. And the 3 added are purple, white and black. Maybe "Purple Rain" as a song composed by Prince ("TAFKAP") iz parallel to that thought of "cosmic impulse" that makes people shift into another phase of being human. This actually confirms the noospheric aeon that arises to us (from remote memory body as pure-pose in meditational moons).

this :: the moment,
Bolon Ik -white solar wind- in DreamSpell ~ 022
Vaxac Ik -white galactic wind- in TreeKweak - 242
CaLahun Ahau -yellow crystal sun- in LongCOunt - 220

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