Thursday, September 16, 2010


so again i looked to this figure with an unknown to that:

He counted them starting wit the sides and counted 7 dotsd at each side ...
so 3 sides with 7 dots sum into 21 - the black jack number
but then we started to sum the triangel and counted into 18 =>: 3 less
conclusion 3 dots are doubled
that is what cooperation is about ...

We also executed this procedure to the inner triangle ...
which has 4 dots at a line so illusion sets up into 3 lines of 4 into 12 dots
and again the count for the triangle gives 3 less than the illusion promotes

then we saw the inner dot , which is just 1 ... but then the illusion should give 4 more ...

AH ... so the illusion sum should give 21+12+4 => 37
which is a great number while it is a fractal of the trinity fractal that produces 111 ...

SO ?
well 111 iz a partner in the serial for 111, 222, 333 ... to 999 from that it goes into 1110
1110 ?
that might be the illusion for the divine number at the end, does(nt) it?

Who can tell that ?

What does make sense to this story ?
Well , my point of view as a bivid biovoiding i Gamble and Play the Game from Tzolkin Perspective
Which sets 37 into kin 37 as the navigathor - label Spectral Earth which matches to the idea of the Rainbow Warriors who are cooperating in noosphere ally to form the noogrid.

mark 3 as the last years feminine spice of SELF-EXISTING SEED which is also SELF-EXECUTING as well as SELF/EXITED as SELF/EVIDEND and so on ...
claiming the idea of the uninhibited child ~ the free child : free from mental paradigm/historic "abuse"?.

SELF EXPERIENCING is also a simultaneous expression that qualifies what is happening to the individual in a world at a certain state of "having gained" / which might also include the loss.


again seeing the image we might conclude the trinity dots angling the 2 tringles are doubled by the illusion and the center dot istripled in the illusion ...

The 2 numbers that remain are 28 for the real number of dots in the figure ...
and number 37 for the illusionary number that also represents the cooperation that "immediately happens".

A factor should give 37/28 which raises a great serial:


and how does this relate to

A Question that iz just a Guess for further propagates experience ...

I hope the Queest did fill in something special
and it it didn't i still trust the show as worhtwhile ...

Happy Days are (T)Here aGain!

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