Friday, September 17, 2010

E' = M C ** 2 + 1

} is written in due time, label is installed by now {

concept version below

Lately i dreamed away and a v ision got me in a BurnOut that BurnedInside the very Centre Radiant Spot ...

Let me see how this story traps its own storyline ...

Let us first simply declare the EINSTEIN simple formula into a form that is pretty close (title) and get it to its more elegant form:

Energy => X * Y * Z + 1

Say X=M is mass measured from gravitation powers that allow a unity ant a figure/measure/number to that

Y and Z behave as a constant within a quadrant/square

+1 behaves as the future from this measured formula ...

and then we see the formula 28 = 3 x 3 x 3 + 1 ...
which meets the former when X=Y=Z=3 and 28 is a number which is also applied in the 13x28 calendar for a dynamic interval where all human beings share space, share time and get to their talents in a free(D') world from "dogma".

3 can be the base number;
3 can be the power as 27 resides from 3x3x3
3 can be the circle formula constant pi which only integer is 3 (dot 14...)

the residu that adds to 3 in pi seeds in tomorrow - simply relying on that ...

Namasté , S'ace

ref. 142837 bivideotex labels in this blog

shortly said the constant base is represented in 142837 (25=5**2 ~where 5 iz the heart-H)

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