Sunday, December 19, 2010

special 333 dates in december

a 333 specialist wrote an interesting reading on 21-12-2010 here.

she marks the fact also 30-12-2010 gives the same 333 vibration in lot of peoples minds by just relating and expressing the dates label and number.

then , we also see 3-12 and 12-12 as 333 vibrational dates.

this gives 4 333 dates in a month where the solstice is the full moon moment with an eclipse too ...

and 21-12 is the 3rd occurence in the set of 4 333's

allow the idea 333 stands for 27 and for 3 kweaks a moon ... in kweak setup, aye?

the 3rd occurence may even be multiplied by 3, so number 81 appears from 3x27

81 is the number that combines 1,7,8,9 in a densed formation while 8-1=7, 8+1=9

and all daya in a week/kweak of 9 daya express a realm which fills the body & mindset as a whole.

this Year the BAR between DreamSpell YEAR 109 - Overtone Moon - and KweakSpell is 0 - zero.
As it was 3 in the initial year having july 23 as the starting daya for Magnetic Dragon Year in Kweak. 3 daya before july 26.

This caused the alternative console to relate daya 1 to the 4th kweak daya label: FAdaya. and have 7, 8 & 9 relate to SIRdaya, SUNdaya, MOONdaya.

For an initiate this may seed very odd and a threshold for memory-skill. But then this is the effect from having an initiation on the kweakspell as a better waya to maintain the VORTEX of life within the vocabulary of the people themselves.

"Do not bore the people with dead-end calendars!
Calendars should be as the Earth-wobble itself"

1 2 3                      4 5 6                      7 8 9

This written on the SUNdaya in Kweak - dec 19, 2010 - sunday

;-) s'ace

let me know how u experience thoughts on a shift from 7777 into 9991 rhythm for 28 daya?

(empty the bodymind from programs; see whether another approach could re-unite all people!)

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s'ace said...

weird to see the 6:28 AM T-i'me-st-am-p arise!

6 as this moons number in a range of 13
28 as the sequencenumber of the last daya of a moon , also number 0 considering the new moons sequencenumbers start accounting with number 1

;-) have fun