Saturday, January 15, 2011

kuxan suum daya

reflects on kino'22 which iz dreamspell kin today

i honour dr Jose Arguelles who actually redfined himself into Valum Votan as his Earthly Mission from Higher Realms that makes him partake in a vaster mission thatn we together can see ...

a writing from him as here (machine translated from a Brasilian site) needs some adds from his special agent , Bolon Ik Typo from Urane - so to saya.

the II-creation worldview as we labelled that iz actually forseen as the 1st one and only one after a preliminary version of the human program ...

How does this sound , fellow Hu'man?

Add or change is much the same while the change is an add to the known memory lane ...

From my point of view - to be inhaled as a vision, aye? - we implement 5 noo items as adds/chances of human change within the mission that opened itself from human submissions that could only be just ... from the earth perspective as an integral unity working that "tsoe jan" / "panta rhei" / }u name it{ / kuxan suum portal from hunab'ku

  1. generation binding s'ilence as a continuous educational program within democratic systems
  2. Wohlsam as the Maslow pyramid myth redemption framing money systems to their destiny a'Gain
  3. 9991 rhythm that reinstalls 28 on a noo digm that makes a paradigm obsolete (7777) aka kweak: 9 daya a week ;  3 kweaks a moon + glorydaya as daya out of time celebrating the cosmos
  4. the clock "renoowal" that sets 3x8 hours on the instruments that guide us all ... we will never be seperated more than 1 phase a daya (while it has 3 phases of 8 hours a 24 hour unit)
  5. } this 5th reason is still open to formulate; any suggestion? {
"kuxan suum" is a sirius call to search for its meaning on the cyberspace we have labelled as internet ... ; Some have other labels to this similar realm to digg out and in ...

Dreamspell kin022 goes with Longcount kin234 - White Cosmic Wizard
a perfect twin to walk the enchanting pathwaya while Cosmic illustrates Presence as the Essence ... most "politicians" lost on their "illusion" & monkey business hurry'cane / exchange deficit.

TreeKweak pins a combiSpell on 22+234 =) 256 - the last warrior in the holy cycle ...

do u sense the urge ...?

"nooreebaH", s'ace o'22 on his bir(TH)daya aka kuxan suum crossing'overture

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