Sunday, January 29, 2012

7th moon of monkey as poweranimal - kweak three: VOID

} sorry for being late, this 7th moon , mabey due to the myth column 7, just left by Dragon 11 {{

SPECTRAL DRAGON is a perfect KIN combi of seal and tone aka yang & yin to bind the RAINBOW BRIDGE in the adventure at charge ...

But then who reads the charge loaded nowadays ...
while every one is kind of mislead ( & misslead? :)

Allow yourselves a big LAUGH unter tears drop from the pretty face?

VOIDkweak 7.3 vibrates 73 a wellknown number in TZOLKIN adventour ...
73 x 260 = 52 x 365
(last week a friend of us reached this portal for tgetting an elder, as the storyline goes)

COLUMN eight is reached with DRAGON11 too ...

still some daya to goe until the 2nd portal of 10 GAPs on a line ...
closing 30 kin without a GAP : or with a GOP - Galactic Open Portal?

Omega Portal?

Omen Portal?!

you see how we meander through the mesh ?

in lak'ech ala kin !
i am another yourself as you are me


s'ace said...

mark daya 28 as a real crasher crunching feed?

248 is a very radiant number ...

it combines 148 and 100 ...
as we spot ... & lighten

jaguarjade13 said...


~…regarding the deep, complete, and continual renewal of all~

~JaguarJade13~ ~”N’A'U’T'I’L'L’U'S” ~ ~”N’E'W”~ ~”E’A'R’T'H”~

~ my sesne negra ~ i am the dreamer ~ i am jaguarjade13 ~ i am now gifted by ~ His ~ ~ Grace ~ ~Her Glory ~~ i am holding the intention of `~


~ perfection ~ effortlessly ~

~ enabling me to understand the deepest majesty of love ~ now from the source within myself ~ i know that exactly what i need ~ will now come forth

~ from within myself ~ exactly when i need it ~ endlessly flowing opening my ~ Heart Mind ~ to a continually renewed vision within me of the ~

~ New Earth ~

~ from the One source of all known to me now ~as the Home Trust Bounty ~ an endless store of preciousness reflecting spirit power of true love ~

~ evermore endless source from within the Home Trust Bounty ~ producing all that anyone may need to see ~ the complete manifestation ~ and ~

~ renewal ~

~ of all life ~ revealing evermore deeply ~ the beauty of love ~ the truth of life ~ abundance ~ stored within the Sacred Heart Of GrandMother ~ now ~
~ evermore ~ emerging from within every Human Heart’Mind ~ so we may see Her Precious Sacred Dream Clearly ~ hearing Her Heart Song Sung ~

~ endlessly from within ~ the deepest most profound wonder of each of our Hearts ~ as a Child ~ Once ~ And Now ~ Forevermore! ~`

~ within my HeartMind i now know the truth ~ the New Earth ~ i have seen the New Time of The New Earth ~ i have seen how a new name ~ gives ~

~ Life A New Spirit ~

~ i have been given a vision ~ i have heard within myself the message ~

~ now is the New Time ~ The New Earth ~ ~ Known to All ~

~ ”N’A'U’T'I’L'L’U'S” ~ ~ ”N’E'W” ~ ~ ”E’A'R’T'H” ~

…evermore endlessly satisfying the needs wants and most of all the true desires of all sacred Humans…

~…this is my dream, now silently unfolding and infolding transforming all within the everything…awakening now…the new earth…the sacred dream…

…turtle ‘eye’ land…~O)(O~

~ i am filled with this joy’full message vision revelation,

fully understanding the nature of myself and life ~

~ i peacefully give myself and give way to this love ~

~ peaceraven ~
~ skywalkercosmico ~
~ slycoyote wink ~
~ JaguarJade13 ~