Monday, January 2, 2012

how Gurdjieff communicates Mayan Tzolkin ...

In this page you can see 6 schemes
where the implications grow to a whole view on the issue put forward (the title)

The sorcerer here meanders through the given enneagram of Gurdjieff in order to place the Mayan Birthcalendar Tones (dynamics) in an order which finally can be put the other way around too.

TIP: when you enlarge the 1st scheme you may use the mousewheel to scroll the 5 for- & backward!

the 6 phases

How are Tzolkin Tones related to these Phenomenon?

"Kweak" proposes the viewpoint to see
  • two sets of  red-white-blue-yellow resemble love/life harmoniQ
  • two rounds of that fuse into a relationship(per couple)
  • green exemplifies another round in a twinship
  • establishing the world wide community fellowship(pers)
note: the mayan tone 1Magnetic is now labelled ElectroMagnetic,
and 3Electric became MagnoElectric
(inspired by the Iranian/Belgian researcher Keshe)

    Then ... the colours seem to change while interconnecting the "blind mans course" ..
    numbers of the Mayan Calendar ...
    they are numbered as plus 1 considering the departure number from Gurdjieffs roundabout
    1 dot is tone one , 2 dots is tone two, ... , 5 tones is a bar, etc.

    Here the number 11 "esotherapeuthetical" meaning unvowes ...
    while the lovelife "eight" fuses in "linkedin-mindsets"
    aka twins ( gemini ? )

    this all is
    what this planeth is about ...
    to achieve the accomplishments in mutual relationships

    white solar wind
    mayan Bolon Ik

    this reason(anth)ing is related to a Maslow turnover reflection labelled "woHlsaM"
    ref. JeuKS & Generation Binding S'ilence

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