Sunday, March 11, 2012

JAGUAR moon ... leaps!

what is Jaguar Transduces ?

see for Transduce as
1. To convert (energy) from one form to another.
2. To transfer (genetic material or characteristics) from one bacterial cell to another. Used of a bacteriophage or plasmid.

1 pinpoints to the action to mobilize the human specie into its final destiny
9 is always meant to accomplish that premise
which is why moon 9 is tributed by this Spirit Power Pulsing Animal

2 indicates the estafette of life and within bodies as in masses and generations
consider macro biologics as the noosphere?


visitoras may notice birds came in the präsenze
each moon till "july 25, 2016"
is in a supreguidance of KeyAvatar 176 in Dreamspell
active on 3/5/2012 the 29th daya for kweak

176 forms a trinity with 129 Mayan Tzolkin & 45 TreeKweak
which describes as those three "muscetears"
yellow resonant warrior , a GAP kin
red crystal moon , a 7th column "water dragon"
red rhythmic serpent , dancer in sunwave

does warrior signify the human ending the ol' paradigms?
does moon affirm human water dragons?
does the serpent bite the law of time kin into noo?

time will tell

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