Saturday, March 24, 2012

JAGUAR moon ... on lei-sure phase in VOID KWEAK ...

as we see more colours got their desitination

the combinations have a variety of finding their place

the last 2 columns
find the bird harmoniQ

which defines a feedback principle in the wings of the birdY

also the yellow colour is missing in the bottom sectiom
why is that?

well the face of the creature is the yellow ripened one itself!

( as U? )
route 22 meeting catch 22
catch 22 receiving route 22


0.ur.mykey said...

The sun hugs my wandering thoughts
Unveils them from their loneliness
And mirrors me some unique draughts
I better can caress

While dancing with some pain I’ve met
The confront from the past
The grieve, and all the negative ‘t set
The long for peace at last

Her warmth and tender drawing range
Her rainbowcollored sight
Unchained the path of love full change
she shows me heaven’s bright.

And by the tide, the badthoughts’cleaned
The pure is what survives
My self and soul may reconvened
My inner birthsong thrives

The sun hugs my wandering thoughts
Unveils their tenderness
And mirrors me some unique draughts
A heart-warming bless

0.ur.mykey said...

Eternal minstrel of my soul
E-moter of t'energy wheel
Inspires heart and eye to stroll
in all the love I feel

I nest upon your magic ground
And bath me in your stream
The wheel turns round and round
And fills me up with gleam

The silent song that sings in me
Connects from earth to cosmos
Her tender touch helps me to see
Heaven’s home, harmonious

Hearthwarming minstrel of my soul
Energizes oh so bright
Inspires love and peace to stroll
a tribute to your glorious light