Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rabbit lends the Ears to Heaven

We seem to be through the Rabbit hole !
(mystery queen coverage of kweak!)

We are in the ban of a Venus transit for the 2nd time a lifetime

(and lots of people experience none as a known entity)

i realised my self
for 8 years ago experienceing this med' on the dutch "Toverberg"
("hill for enchantment")

it was sort of lead by Stef & Rietje & kin ...
they were 13 they said when i came in lately

but just in time to experience the ceremony / focus / concentration

now they are getting II transits in a lifetime
maybe illustrated by them two rabbits here?

2 2 ears

mark  the fact Skywalker disappered as a Seal
it became Heaven
a place where the sovereign ship resides
while sailing the s'hip

1 comment:

s'ace said...

12:29 ?

12 is water: O 1 H 2 ...

29 is Tzolkin: 13 x 2^2 x 5 +1

it is the half of the magic square 5 22 ;-)