Saturday, May 12, 2012

serpent moon on sync with plumed Quetzalcoatl?

we note moon 11 in month 5 Gregorian XIII

it is ruled in kweakspell by Serpent 185 on WindDaya

Thursday gives Ascension Day

then the Chinese Year spells Water Dragon
which is said to be a serpent reptile

Skywalker is the Kweak Guide over the KweakYear
(Seal july 24 in DreamSpell)

2.8 is the kweaknotation for Ascension here
also sync to wind 242 Galactic Wind:
seal 2 tone 8
But then DreamSpell Mystery Queen spells:
wave 2 tone 8
Galactic Tone in Wizard Wave

Quite some power spelled on the Essence of Integrity
(is this political/financial/ethical related to the specie?)

Then KALIKEY is the Chantee for maya 17 (8 too!)

LongCountSpirit is activated on 202 : Resonant Wind (tzujan?)

i wonder why archives must be destroyed - is it as burning libraries?

anyway , may cleansing tables give space to noo waves


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