Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tommy Born

(this was the origin 7.1 kweak - but in depot)

After 13 Holy days from Tommy Born
into the Helios Cycle
the error in the 141 label for MonKey i.s.o. Dragon
is speaking from itself .. by now
(don't u think?)

The Noo Born Daya speaks after the igniting 13
Cosmic Night as the NooSphere cycle
5 + 13 daya from december 20 we counted
18 (9) daya

then notice the more precise seal for this nooborn daya
while each TreeKweak daya has 3x8 hours ..
it hides two kin, here 142 and 144 on the 1st daya

142 is the dawn and 144 the sunset ..

so we have 3 labels to greet TommY
 crystal wind
cosmic night
magnetic seed
according the TreeKweak Oracle Spell

which one fits your stand for a day
or all three in a weaving??

meandering settings .. and moods for a daya

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