Sunday, January 27, 2013

sir vice is always there

is number of service, spoken on the dynamic interval ..

but then
speaks from healing hand

Jane Goodall
has a wonderful name as label ..
for her works ...
she did a lot of Goodal for the Gorilla's
didn't she - the media mediate?

it makes us curious to expirience that from a survival trip
testing our instincts
good motive to save some for that trip

Jane brought me a wonderful insight

one can see the rainbow
in the drop of a tear


Bieke / Amos .. is gonna marry
wish her an open heart
although .. she is already very receptive ..
wish her a good passing
at weddingsdaya
with the Jacobi Family

( attent-qi likes it for the holistic pulsing massages ;-)
forgetting the mothers of invention (Frank Zappa)

i always was very impressed by
woman playing the cellist from the pelvis

(a pity that she talks between the noises of the sea; but then .. allah)
them 3 musceteers played with Lieselot in Zwolle, 2012

then ... sympli align to HAraMein
(see? the theater & align ..)

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