Tuesday, February 5, 2013

vulture kweak momentum

in this kweak .. the condor symbolizes the EAGLE wave
dreamspell is in STARwave - 248
tzolkin pivots to moonwave - 209
treekweak also pivots to moonwave - 209
(both from warrior wave 196)

(a serendipiƫthical message)

(Vulture is similar Condor)

The Vulture is the symbol of death and rebirth,
the mother symbol,
and represents purification.   

For those with this totem,
you will be noticed more for what you do than how you appear. 
Vulture or Condor
teaches us how to soar above our limitations.

This Totem is a semi-permanent totem;
once it enters your life
it will be with you always,
through your numerous lifetimes.
You may start to see auras and colors around people; 

Vulture can help teach you
how to accomplish this through patience and vision.
Vultures teach you
how to soar without using much energy,
how to ride the thermal winds instead of flapping. 
Go with the flow.
Use your own energy powerfully and efficiently.  
Vulture is associated with the sense of smell
and aromatherapy is a good tool to use to connect with this Totem.   
The Vulture promises us that no matter
how difficult things are at the moment,
rescue and change are imminent.

Soar above the drudgeries of every day life through spirit.
And Vulture/Condor is there to protect you in this journey.

Consciousness Connector

Theta Supercharger With 3rd Eye Booster

(not popeular ~ beware of overdosis)

the author / blogger here
participated in the KLM Condor project in 1983~1985
as information analist / software designer

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YaniQ said...

Today .. monday februar 11 tzolkin and treelweak crossover ..

Gorilla is a Monkey type ..

211 on kweakspell covers :
210 - dog - in dawn .. 211 - mykey - at noon .. 212 - human - at eve

Suggestion from the news illustrates that is why the pope announced this daya .. in the wisdom that reached His Mind(set)

Ruby tuesday .. is Souldaya in kweak .., it s kin are 212 213 214 ..

The noon is reigned ny a Quetzalcoatl Seal .. in moonwave that guides with essence of Universal Water ..