Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dog Barks the Embarkmental Gestures

this moon the neighbours Dog Todd of Thoth is empowering
of course he is just a member of all the animals
but then human likes to focus every now and then
that is why we have this one as guiding the other ones

we remember its barking
from the intentional realm 
that interconnects

the noo beginning
after a cold fusion, that ended a period ... (3 fold)

}}} * {{{

dutch intermission
in Nederland ontmoette ik mijn lieve hond zeven
hij leerde mij de heilige en heiligende plasplekken
zoals in de GER
een uitnodigende rondgang

tevens vanaf nu de bioVoid 9 ..
linksboven op elke dag 1 van een kweak
de NULde dag van de kweak
die in feite de lege 28e dag inbed
(het einde is aanwezig in de allereerste ademstoot)

ENGLISH shorty
symbol bioVoid 9
in fact embeds the destiny emphasized in daya 28 (zero) each moon
it is within the breath from a soul, a presence, a being

(this is why the 9th dot is centered and white colorall, clean from history)

a pineal gland activation 30 minutes
Drunvalo Melchizedek

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