Friday, April 12, 2013

Dogmoon Life kweak in Crystal (tone 12) Focus , planetary moon

torus idea visualized

is in fact meant on the noo/new voting system ... where appropriate acts interconnect as intentionally communicated on globalgeniusvoter , a pioneering table of articulation the essential focus brew.

this moment arose very delicate managed / guided / cherished ...

this kweak was initiated by last daya previous kweak ..
an impulsive call to my free end Glans
it was in both roses
so 11th he came visiting my tomb
was holistically pulses by my fellow human13, EB
(CHUEN12 in the morning)
an everlasting connection was sealed

so , being late for 1 kin/daya,
VULPTURE, no Chimps aka Gorilla daya seems nowww
ready to visit A'dam once again
on exchange base


post scriptum
today this letter made me smile ;-)

T'Ritz its & Kweak Out

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