Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dra Gone Fly / OverTone Dragon Year in Kweak

Happy New RoundAbout!

We achieved 1~3 building years with the KWEAK rhythm
by july 22

confirmations were received from
Belgium § Australia § United States

and more on telepathic strings (u bet ;-)

What brings the noo cycle ?

Here i received a report yesterday by skype ..
i asked the kin - skywalker - to report by his own expression ..

i wanna kindly appreciate more kin to express their experiences with kweak ..

"it may be the precious right time to open"

therefor Dragon power is now placed in the Serpent5 longer term.

What is this?
we started kweak on Dragon 1 - dreamspell july 23 , 2009

then 3 OverTone years added on that serving planets radiation :
109 - Moon OverTone
213 - Skywalker OverTone
057 - Earth OverTone

we experienced this as a 1 to 3 formation ..
as in Three Musceteers Story of Dumas
they were 4 - four - Fo UR
crucial energy flux that magnetizes


as we know all years in Kweak are RED SEALS
only SERPENT seems to be skipped

well , it is not / knot !
it holds them 4 red seals BONDED
as well as carries 1 - 109 - 213 - 057
in its own KIN

this carries the serendepity sphere / character
in it self 

CAN you imagine ?
when the 4 years were started ..
the first 4 days brewed nr 5 ...
its 5th character SERPENT 5

here a reading for this year

then imagine this was never aware to the earthling laying it down!
it only pops up while writing this issue
thanks to some / all kweaking
this holds a UNIT thought
ful with creativity

}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} ((((((((((((((((((
the Netherlands

kin 022 220 242 484

1 10 11 22 44 etc...

isn't it time again to tell yr friends what is discovered from ZERO / Blanco

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