Monday, July 29, 2013

Overtone Dragon Year in TreeKweak

2nd publication of 1st kweak in 1st moon this year

the first one was corrected on the day names ..

in this table the first day dynamic within kweakyears are given

for solitairy kin following and experiencing kweak
we would kindly reQuest to put forward Questions

this may help to describe the adventure / voyage
time spirit delivers

simply use the comment area 
or prefer
s.acegr at gmail dot com

start yr mailtitle with  "kweak:"
for administrative comforts

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Pepijn van de Vorst said...

Hi S'ace, thank you for the advise to store the jpg of the kweak on my smartphone. The quick & easy access stimulates having a quick look at it a few times a day.

You told me the sound of each daya is related to the chakra's and the related chakra gestures. Were can I find more information about these relations?