Friday, April 30, 2010


so some here ask me, "hey S'ace how are you doing?"

then i hang on their matrix of units / kin how to address ma doing in their quantum of orienting the values to be exchanged ...

and ... it happens the answer is postphoned ...
can u grab that ? ma reader/receiver servanta?

here is a picture of ma c'lock

u c?

this is not about 2x12 but about 3x8 hours a daya ...
and 9 iz its centre ...

meaning 9 is the next octave ... to reach for every daya ... meaning 3x8=27
indeed 24+3 while the 3 iz about the 3rd interval ...

one iz aboud SOUND

two is on RHYTHM

three is about the MELODY? aka UNI-Q-VERSE aka the songe as LE SENGE

quite some clocks to exchange, aye?

~~~ feedback came from TMQ site - Melovia:

With a nod to TMQ’s request that we consider our GM108X gatherings, I offer this excerpt from “The 13 Moon Almanac”:

“The Codon 45, Ocean of Presence: In the traditional I Ching, Tsui/Gathering Together (Massing). Here in the upper triplet we have joy/the Wizard’s Song, and in the lower position, we have the Space triplet. This denotes the potential of space to accommodate a great gathering ~ hence Joy/the Wizard’s Song. Since the lower triplet Space also represents the Earth, this denotes the kind of gathering that is synchronized every year on the Day Out of Time…. If such gatherings are marked by a predominant feeling of spontaneous joy then the positive vibrations set off by such mass events can be Earth-transforming. In terms of the binary letters, here we have Mind between Space below and Radiance above. It is evident that if Mind is supported by Space (the meaning of natural mind meditation) there can be a release of transformative joy into the higher dimensions. This meaning of Oceans of Presence has great significance for the world-wide gatherings of 2012.”

Yeah, baby!! Spontaneous joy and transformation! That’s what it’s all about!

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